The 440K Project, Inc. was named to highlight the fact that there are roughly 440,000 children in foster care in the United States.


1) To ensure that the child’s best interest drives all decision making in the foster care experience.
2) To ensure that foster care children are treated with equal concern for their wellbeing that typical children receive from their natural parents in terms of educational, social, psychological, medical, and other basic needs, thereby creating productive, happy, independent adults.
3) To significantly reduce the number of children who are without a family.


Years 1 - 3
Advertising Campaign 26%

The 440K Project, Inc., in conjunction with Walton Isaacson, will launch an advertising campaign designed to educate the nation about the plight of children in foster care.  The campaign called Stolen Voices will use television and social media to demonstrate that children in care have no voice – no say in what happens to them.  Therefore, we need to be their voice.  There will be a call to action on this website that provides more information as well as links to state specific agencies where people can become foster parents, adoptive parents, CASA volunteers, etc. One important metric is to find permanent adoptive homes in order to reduce the number of children available for adoption from 111,000 to zero.

Years 2 - 5
Reforming the System 0%

People familiar with foster care (social workers, foster care alum, adoptive parents, etc.) and others without knowledge of the system will work together to reimagine how foster care is implemented across the nation.  This approach of using people with varying knowledge, skills and abilities was developed by IDEO in order to generate out-of-the-box thinking.   The goal is to capitalize on best practices, replicate effective private non-profits (such as Friendsofchildreninc.org) throughout the country, and reframe the thinking from family reunification to the best interest of the child. We will make a comprehensive evaluation of the system, recommend changes, and ensure better outcomes for the life of children in foster care.

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Anjali Bal

Board Member

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