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The 440K Project, Inc. was founded to make fundamental and substantial changes to the foster care system in the United States.  Recognizing that foster care is truly a humanitarian crisis, the purpose of The 440K Project, Inc. is to educate people about the plight of foster children, increase the number of foster homes, encourage volunteerism for mentoring and court-appointed special advocates (CASA), and decrease the number of children waiting to be adopted from 111,000 to zero.  In sum, our goal is to help at-risk youth become happy, healthy, functioning adults with lives filled with promise – something to which all children are entitled.

It is clear that the foster care system is failing.
Consider the following statistics:

  • Every two minutes a child enters the foster care system
  • There are over 400,000 kids in care in the U.S.
  • Over 111,000 are waiting to be adopted
  • 61% of foster kids will have developmental delays
  • 25% will never get a high school degree or GED
  • Only 1-3% graduate college vs. a national average of 34%
  • 40-50% are homeless within 18 months of aging out of care
  • More than 40% of kids who reach 18 in foster care have been in care more than 3 years (17%) of their lives
  • 60% of girls become pregnant by 19; 70% by age 21
  • One in two of kids who age out of the system develop substance abuse
  • One in three former foster youth will be homeless within two years of leaving care
  •  60% of boys who age out have been convicted of a crime
  • By age 18, 20% instantly become homeless
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